Lam created art calligraphy in 2003. It is intrinsic to Lam’s work that he purifies his mind, body and spirit with meditation and the essence of tea. He has a reciprocal relationship with calligraphy he designs. His emotions are interconnected and interdependent with the brush, ink, and paper. The amount of ink, water and pressure of the brush create thin to bold strokes; the acceleration, deceleration and turns of the brush create the spirit of the character. He describes his brush stroke aesthetics as sharp as etching on wood, as subtle as soft morning summer light, and as powerful and dynamic as captured by Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave. His brush dabs are like a smooth pebble thrown into a still pond, precise and full of potential.

Below are three examples of the original Chinese characters that Lam used as inspiration and Lam’s artwork that makes the hidden meanings clearer.
Ink on board 20” x 16” 2014
Blessed Snow
Ink on paper 20” x 20” 2014
Ink on paper 22” x 30” 2014
Study and Research
Ink on paper 22” x 30” 2014

Ink on paper 18” x 22” 2014